Fluid Colon Hydrotherapy Detox Center

Fluid Colon Hydrotherapy Detox Center


  • Carr. 167 Marginal Urb. Cana Calle RR1 Edificio Rexville Medical Plaza, Bayamon 00957


Products or Services

  • • At Fluid we are dedicated to help you solve constipation, bowel cleansing and obesity problems.
    • Personalized guidance, private therapy and dietary recommendations for you to get the best results.
    • Each room is private, in a quiet and relaxed environment for the comfort of the client.

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"At Fluid, our priority is your health, which is why we use only FDA-approved, sterile, disposable equipment for each colon therapy. In addition, we ensure the quality of the treatment by using a sophisticated system of multiple water filtration, using ultraviolet light. Our system is comfortable and the most hygienic you can experience in Puerto Rico. "