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Atty. Maribel Rubio Bello attends and personally guides individuals who are seeking alternatives to protect your home, car, and revenue collection efforts. The Federal Bankruptcy Act is a law created by the US Congress. This law is an excellent tool to solve quickly and effectively, economic problems; while relief on debt payments is provided; allowing new opportunities. Bankruptcy Law allows: • Stop prosecution collection of money and embargoes; • Stop foreclosure efforts, allowing a payment plan for mortgage arrears; • Paralyze procedures repossessing your car and other properties; • Stop wage garnishments and collection procedures; • Stop collection efforts and harassment of creditors; • Restore utilities like water, electricity and other basic services; • Restructure payments so as to allow a better quality of life according to their income. • The release of most personal debts. • The release can be considered as the release of debts which the Bankruptcy Code allows delete. Once downloaded a debt the creditor may not make arrangements to collect it. If you have trouble paying their debts; call Atty. Maribel Rubio Bello and she personally assess your situation and will advise on Bankruptcy, and as this law can be an alternative for solving their economic problems. The first orientation is free. We are an agency for debt relief.