Funeraria Hernandez Rivera

Funeraria Hernandez Rivera

 "A process of grief we work it with love"


  • Carr. 2 Km. 123, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00603


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  • • We accept all types of insurance and credit cards.
    • Funeral arrangements are made in advance
    • We have financing plans.

What is the cremation process? Cremation is the process by which by means of heat and evaporation the body of a human being who has passed is reduced to its basic elements, so it is performed a process of complete dehydration resulting bone particles whose chemical composition consists of the same minerals in the human body and are commonly found in the earth's crust in varying proportion protruding more than 40% calcium and sodium follows with 1.18% and other minerals in smaller proportion .

We have been pleased that our efforts have not been in vain, Cremation Puerto Rico has increased by 1000% and this is because the people have decided to revalue the traditions that benefit only a few and was convinced that "Christian burial "dignity can be replaced by the" Christian CREMATION ".