Caribbean Colors by Harry L.

Caribbean Colors by Harry L.


Products or Services

  • • Clay-based crafts worked and painted by the hands of Aguadilla's own Harry Luis, with the upmost care and love.

    • Unique pieces representing Puerto Rican culture and folklore to decorate the home, for a gift, as a reminder, accessories... Personalized gift, personalized magnets, decorative plates, home decoration, wall decoration.

Caribbean Colors by Harry L. is the name that the distinguished craftsman from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico uses to market his artisan pieces. The craftsman shapes clay pieces, with colorful touches that distinguish the Caribbean, in combination with nature stamps and the Caribbean soul. Each of his works is done with care, creativity, respect, and love. Molded by hand, its clay pieces are unique and quality, and with the touch of 'crystal glaze' paint. Its crafts present the distinctive quality of Puerto Rican Crafts and he is certified by the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico.

Among his creations that represent Puerto Rican culture, you can find: Vejigantes masks, Los Tres Reyes Magos, Natividad, Don Quijote, El Morro, Puerto Rico flag and tropical landscapes, among many other pieces that represent Puerto Rican folklore.