Advantages of 360 photography for your business
                                                                                            Advantages of 360 photography for your business
                                                                                            Advantages of 360 photography for your business
"The entrepreneur always seeks change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity" - Peter Drucker
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the digital world there is nothing more true. To promote your business on the web it is imperative to use attractive images that represent the true experience of the visit. However, how to achieve this in an attractive and efficient manner? 360 photography is your ideal choice.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, fashion shops, gyms, museums, and virtually any small or medium-sized business can benefit from this innovative digital marketing tool. The advantages are endless, from promoting the business lifestyle to showing characteristic elements of space. Any company that adds this marketing tool will improve their visibility online within the most popular search engines, such as Google, and increase their efficiency in tools like Google Maps and Google+.


What is 360 photography?

As its name indicates this photograph is realized as a kind of virtual tour that presents all the angles of a space. It is an interactive and fluid way of showing a place from the floor to the ceiling, including all the views you would have if you were there. This type of photography has become popular in recent years as one of the most effective and attractive tools, as it allows business owners to show the essence of the place and the public get a clear idea of ​​how each detail looks. The New York Times, Starbucks, and Hilton Hotels are just some of the companies that are getting the most out of this promotional tool.

Examples of 360 photography from around the world


# 1 Show your services and increase your current traffic

Increase the amount of visitors for your business by showing you the features that make it so special.

# 2 Promote the experience in real perspective

Give your audience a real test of what they will find.

# 3 Guide your customers to the point of sale

Do you get many calls about how to get to your business? Solve it by showing the entrance of the place to 360 degrees. Take advantage of one of the most important utilities offered by this dynamic tool.

# 4 Show exactly where they will be

If your business is a venue with numbered seats, this option is very important as it presents the point of view from different areas of the space. Increase the reliability of your audience from before they reach the space.

# 5 Create a high-quality gallery

Create a gallery with content that shows the quality of the products and services you offer. Increase the public's desire to visit your business and stay present in the minds of potential customers.

In Infopaginas we have the necessary equipment to create 360 ​​photographs for your business. Our approach is to use new tools to show the public the real customer experience. If you want to start telling the story of your business in a creative and useful way through interactive images, contact us.

What do you think of 360 photography? Have you used it yet?

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