Our role in Infopáginas is to help businesses establish a healthy online presence in order to reach more customers. We put businesses on the map while helping people find, share and connect with the places they love, which in turn, strengthens the community!


Without a local business listing on a search engine, small business are missing out on potential customers, and therefore, sales. 4 out of 5 people who search the Web to find a business’s operating hours, phone numbers, or other vital data, aren’t getting the right information on the majority of local companies. To help small business connect with potential customers, Infopáginas & Google have introduced “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map”. This tool aims to get small businesses listed on local searches close to their location. With the help of Infopáginas, SMBs now have the chance the get their latest business information online.

As a vital part of this new initiative, Infopaginas is working in all 78 municipalities across Puerto Rico to get more local small businesses listed on Google. In Infopaginas we are aware of how important it is to get local small companies listed online, our clients know the challenges for local businesses more than anyone - and they recognize the value of getting their business online”.

Forbes.com states that 97% of customers search online for products or services near them, that is why Infopaginas is the most effective tools for reaching potential clients and increasing your business traffic, give it a try!

What we do:

  1. The first step is to get your small business company profile with Google My Business. We verify the business and optimize your profile so it appears in relevant searches through Google.
  2. Once verified, it is crucial to fill out your new profile to the maximum. That includes business hours, directions, descriptions, pictures, and any other important information.
  3. Finally, in no time, your Google business profile will start appearing in searches, so potential clients can learn all about your company online.

Help increase your web presence ever further:   

    1.    Create the Perfect Website:  We work hand in hand with small business on creating affordable websites that meet their specific company’s needs. Our talented team of website designers is here to help create a website you will really be proud of.Start your website design today.

    2.    Explore 360° Virtual Business Photos:  The future is now, and your company could lead the way with a virtual tour of your place of business. This is a great accessory piece to add, not only to your Google My Business profile, but to your website and social media pages as well. Learn about 360° virtual photography.

    3.    Infopaginas.com Profile (SEO):  Some people think that all you need is a profile and it will eventually appear on the first page of Google searches, but nothing is further from the truth. To increase your business web presence and bring traffic to your profile and site, contact the experts with the most effective tools in the market.  Discover more about  www.infopaginas.com