"Put yourself in their socks" for the MDA
                                                                                            Infopáginas Team with Carlos Molina, Spokesperson of the Muscular Dystrophy Association
                                                                                            Infopaginas Team with Carlos Molina and Gilberto Quiñones MDA PR
                                                                                            Talk by Gilberto Quiñones - Director of Business Development - MDA PR
                                                                                            Ashley Pintado from Infopaginas and Carlos Molina Spokesperson for MDA PR
                                                                                            We left our shoes at the door in support of the movement - Put yourself in their socks - for the MDA
                                                                                            Ashley Pintado, Ciara Melendez and Jessica Hinnawi from Infopaginas

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is a non-profit voluntary entity focused on providing health services through the most comprehensive medical assistive program in Puerto Rico. Established on the Island in 1972, the MDA provides early diagnosis, specialized medical care, contributions for the purchase of equipment and access to clinical trial products of scientific research worldwide. The MDA serves annually in Puerto Rico more than 3,200 patients in its 3 clinics on the island.


Many of the conditions of Muscular Dystrophy (43 types of muscular dystrophy) deform the feet of our friends-patients. This prevents them from wearing shoes. However, our friends continue their lives ... in SOCKS. In order to raise awareness among employees about this condition, Infopaginas accepted the challenge "Put yourself in their socks" for the MDA.

 How can you join?

1. Select a day in October at the best convenience of your company.

2. Each employee shall participate wearing color stockings or flashy designs for a day and donate $ 5.00 to the MDA.

3. The company will allow its employees to use the socks in your work area to support our friends-patients with Muscular Dystrophy in Puerto Rico.

 Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.