Inbound Marketing, Google SEO, and other tools to tell your brand's story
                                                                                            Inbound Marketing, Google SEO, and other tools to tell your brand's story

You manage a small or medium business, sale unique products, and offer the best service in the market. What should be the next step? Make it visible and relevant to your audience.


Media coverage can be achieved in many ways, either by doing great initiatives that stand out organically, paying for reviews, or by simply communicating your story effectively. Next, let's highlight some of the benefits of unveiling your brand’s story.


Everyone wants to know a good story of entrepreneurship and improvement, communicate it. By sharing your relevant story on other platforms, such as digital newspapers or blogs, your visibility is increased. Being visible helps the audience gain some familiarity with the brand and encourages the growth of your audience.


Receiving coverage from trustworthy media may help promote the reputation of your brand. To reach a good reputation with your audience should always be the goal of every small or medium business.

Direct Traffic

When telling your story don't forget to include the link to your website. It is very likely that those who are interested in your story will want to know more about the products or services you offer. By including a link the possibilities of organic traffic increase.

Inbound and SEO

Links are useful to help increase the reliability of your domain on the web through Inbound Marketing. The SEO augments as the trustworthiness of the brand grows. Adding value to your brand's positioning on Google will help bring organic traffic to the website & enhances awareness.

Tip: Start by defining which resources add value and impact to your story. It is important to determine whether the story requires video, quote, narration, or testimonial, this way you will have a clearer idea of ​​how much production time is needed before publishing. Always ask yourself is the story is relevant? Does it reflect the mission or vision? Does it add value to the brand?

The Pitch

If you choose to tell your story it is important to be aware and direct. Find the most relevant information, and go straight to the point. When it comes to making a pitch it is best to be precise and avoid the excess of unnecessary content. Share your story first with the media outlets that you already have a relationship with, and even offer an exclusive. Sharing good and exclusive content for a particular media may increase their interest in publishing your story. Remember that in 99% of cases you will have to be flexible not to lose opportunities, if you do not get immediate response from the media that you’d like to publish your story, insist. The key to get published is to be respectful, sincere, know when to follow up and detect when it’s best to stop insisting.
Tip: A good relationship with clients, reporters, editors, and media, is imperative to achieve visibility for your story. Much of the exposure you receive will have to do with the relationships you build.

Media exposure always has the potential to be good exposure. The more visibility you gain, the greater your chances are of getting published. The key to your strategy must be integrity, news worth, show passion for what you do, and remain committed to content, this way you will receive greater opportunities for your small or medium business.

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