Yesterday, March 21 marks the International Day of Down Syndrome.


The Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation (FPSD) is a private non-profit organization organized in 1989 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. At present, the FPSD serves annually more than two hundred (200) people among children, youth and adults with Down Syndrome, as well as impacting more than 1,000 parents and general population of all the towns of the island through direct and indirect services offered through its programs. This organization is the first to serve people with Down Syndrome with a comprehensive approach to services.

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that involves the possession of an additional chromosome to the normal count that an individual must have. People who are born with the condition need special stimuli that stimulate their physical and intellectual development. One in every 800 children is born with Down Syndrome and the cause of this condition is still unknown. About 40% of children with Down Syndrome are born with heart problems and abnormalities of the gastrointestinal system. However, most of these can be corrected with surgery. People with Down Syndrome may also suffer from hearing impairment, visual impairment, and thyroid dysfunction.

Objectives of the FPSD:

  • To develop to the maximum the capacity (academic, physical, and emotional) individual of each child, young person and adult with Down syndrome.
  • Advocate for all the rights of this population, including social, educational and economic integration.
  • Facilitate skills and services for their management in the development and transition of the person with Down syndrome for independent living.
  • Promote and ensure the inclusion and integration of people with Down syndrome into society for the achievement of independent living.

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