Call Traking in Puerto Rico
                                                                                            Call Traking in Puerto Rico

A good Marketing Strategy can accurately measure the effectiveness and efficiency of each campaign so that we can adjust and increase performance monthly. Platforms like Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns help us interpret the scope and effectiveness of the campaigns we develop online.


Offline Conversions

But what happens when a conversion takes place outside the cyber world? If a Google Ads campaign produces a phone call from a phone extension, how can we measure and attribute that call to campaigns developed on Google. And even further, if that call produces a sale, how we co-relate it to the respective Google or Facebook campaign from which it came. That conversion is certainly offline. So, the fundamental question is, how do we measure and attribute offline conversions of phone calls?

Info Call Tracking

Infopaginas works with a call tracking platform that allows us to discover which marketing campaigns, websites, landing pages and keywords are generating telephone calls and conversions. The call tracking software provides attribution at keyword level in Google and mobile click-to-call tracking, which allows us to obtain valuable data from the profiles of those people who call us and information from the marketing campaigns that generated those phone calls. This way we can track our potential customers both online and offline so we can maximize the possibility of each conversion.

Imagine that a potential customer is calling your business and from that phone call you can obtain the following information in real time:

1. Demographics data of the person who generated the call (Name, Country and City)
2. Geographical location

3. Digital or traditional marketing channel from which the call was generated (Facebook, Google, Organic, Google Paid, YouTube, Email, Print, Radio, Television, etc.)
4. Webpage or Landing page where the call began
5. Recording

More Information

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We offer integrations of our Call Tracking system with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. CRM Systems (Client Relationship Management) such as SalesForce, HubSpot and ZOHO.