Communicate better on social networks and make your customers want to buy more without having to offer discounts. The constant discount offer can devalue your brand or make customers only interested in buying when there are discounts. Keeping a healthy balance between product offerings and brand values ​​is imperative to increase the number of customers without reducing profits.

Facebook began the year renewing their options for  Dynamic Ads. These ads allow you to target your audience according to their demographics, user behaviors, and website activity. The big update is that Dynamic Ads is no longer limited to only recording clicks on your website, but now also evaluates visits to all other online pages that relate to your products or services. And why do Dynamic Ads work? Simple, these make new customers discover your brand with personalized content according to their tastes and interests.

Set aside the price and focus on the benefits
Internationally successful brands like Nike have proven over the years that in both traditional and digital communication it is better to generate more inspirational content and not to promote discounts. This strategy is based on positioning the brand as the best in its category, although not necessarily the cheapest. This strategy may not generate immediate sales, but it does encourage more sales in the medium and long term. Making your customers not only want to make impulse purchases, but also want to affiliate with your brand is ideal for the positioning and profits of any big or small business.

Problem + Solution
When you begin to show your brand in social networks as the solution to a problem you will notice increase in sales without the need to offer discounts. No one better than you know the benefits of your products or services, communicate them creatively.
                                ASUS increased visits and sales by 70% on its website
                                using Facebook Canvas as a tool to show the solution
                                to a common problem: stop giving bad gifts. The brand
                                communicated the usefulness of its services and without
                                price reduction it achieved a significant increase in the
Talk to your audience
If your current audience only buys when there are offers, maybe this should not be the target audience of the brand. Do not spend the budget trying to change the buying habits of a specific target, try new targeting tactics by communicating the same message and measuring their results.
Now it's your turn!
If you want to make your business grow on Facebook and consider that constantly offering discounts is not generating the results you are looking for, contact us. Reach more potential customers by designing and creating digital marketing strategies optimized for your local audience.