In 2017 1.94 billion people are active monthly on Facebook, and about 1.5 billion users log in daily. In Puerto Rico there are 2,200,000 people connected daily to the internet, and 87.7% of these users have one or more accounts on Facebook. If you own a small or medium business it is essential to have an active presence in this growing and versatile social network.  


Facebook offers tools to achieve all the goals you have with your business, and it is up to you to identify your business objectives and implement the best strategies. Marketing through Facebook will help you connect with new customers and build lasting relationships with your existing customers.  

Up next, we'll share 4 tips to get the most out of your campaigns and take your Facebook page to the next level. Here we go!

1.Get specific likes

Facebook users have the option to follow your content and receive updates without having to like the page. However, getting likes from the right audience is very important to increase organic interaction with your content. Forget about asking friends or family to like your page on Facebook! If they are not your target audience, do not invest your efforts. The key is to segment Like Ads according to interests and location, this will help to turn fans of your content into potential customers. #Tip: Be sure to target audiences to get the most out of your Like Ads.  

For more information on segmentation visit our blog post: Tips to improve your social networks

2.Use memorable images

Your profile picture is very important, however, you do not need to invest a lot of money in a very elaborate design. Use the logo of your company, as this should be the easiest image to recognize. #Tip: Keep it simple! Your logo will make the content easily recognizable, and if you choose to not use the logo try to change the profile image as little as possible (maybe once or twice a year).  

3.Experiment with how much you post

Some experts say you should publish content only three times a week, others say that three times a day is not enough. #Tip: Do not get carried away by a formula, try what works best for your audience. Self-instituting a specific amount of content can be counter-productive if you do not have much to share. Sketch what types of messages you want to communicate and then distribute them monthly.

4. Invest in Facebook Ads

It is a fact that unless you do not invest in ads your page will not go too far. Currently Facebook is designed to increase exposure of your content only if you invest in ads. #Tip:

· Click Ads - This type of ad allows you to promote your website by sending the audience to your official website outside of Facebook. Remember to have your website ready for visitors and offer a clear call-to-action,  is not worth investing in if you are not ready to receive traffic.

· Page Like Ads - This is the ad you need if you want to increase the likes on your Facebook page. These ads can include direct call-to-actions for your audience to like your page. Do not forget that it is not about getting the most likes, but about targeting audiences that have similar interests to the services or products you offer.

· Video Ads - Videos are the most popular and effective content. Invest in quality visuals and keep it short, a piece that is too long can be counterproductive.

· Boosted Page Posts - Every time you publish something in Facebook you have the possibility to increase the reach of the content. By increasing your reach you can segment audiences and manage the duration of the invested budget. Try it!

· Carousel Ads - The carousel allows you to share up to 10 images or videos in one post. This tool is very useful for eCommerce or companies that wish to promote multiple products of a store. Attract potential customers and show them what they want to see.

· Lead Ads - This is the ideal way to get leads without having to leave Facebook. Using these types of ads you can get emails or other personal information from your potential customers.

· Canvas Ads - This innovative way of telling the story of your brand is aimed directly at mobile users. Your audience can browse through the content right at their fingertips, and the Canvas runs up to 10 times faster than any standard mobile app or web.

As we have seen, Facebook offers a lot of options to market your business on their platform. The important thing is to recognize what you want to communicate and identify the right tools to achieve it. Try different budgets and evaluate your results. The success of your business is in your hands!  

If you do not have the time or the experience to build an execute a marketing plan for your small or medium business, in Infopaginas we count with an expert team that will put your budget to work immediately. Contact us and discover the potential of your online business.