• Ave. Winston Churchill #305 El Señorial, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00915


Products or Services

  • Certificates in:
    • Facial and body aesthetics
    • Aesthetic medical technician

    Short Courses:
    • Hair removal
    • Professional Make-up
    • Permanent Makeup
    • Relaxing Massage
    • Nail Technician

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Neo-Esthetique European Institute is a post-secondary educational institution dedicated solely and exclusively to preparing our candidates as specialists in skin care. The educational model of European institutions served as the basis for the organization of our academic offer, from which you can benefit from being chosen as your study center. The study programs offered by Neo Esthetique European Institute are designed to train students with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote the development of professional and personal skills, which will allow them to obtain entry-level employment in the field of their choice. We will share all our expertise with you, with the goal of becoming a professional in the field of Scientific Dermoesthetics.

In our Facial and Body Aesthetics course you will learn; Deep Cleansing, Specific Treatments according to Skin Condition, Makeup, Facial and Body Hair Removal, Sale of Products,
Massages, Body Treatments according to Skin Condition and much more. We offer convenient
day and night schedule. The race lasts 8 months and you will develop the ability to generate income on your own wherever you go, Puerto Rico, the United States or Europe. If you are already a beautician, Neo-Esthetique European Institute is the only institution in Puerto Rico that offers the course of Aesthetic Medical Technician. With this course you will learn Laser, Edermologie, Cavitation, Medical Record, Chemical Peeling, how to assist Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons, Radio Frequency, Photo Rejuvenation and much more.

Our daytime schedule is Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the night time is Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Several studies indicate that the Careers with Specialties in Skin Care will have great labor demand in the future. Prepare to be your own source of income. Study a career where you can successfully integrate into the world of work, manage your time at your convenience and create your own business wherever you go. Our facilities are located at Winston Churchill Avenue # 305 and # 307 in El Señorial in San Juan. We offer personalized education for which our spaces are limited, we work small group to make sure you get the maximum knowledge.

For more information about our academic offer you can access,
our page on facebook Neo Esthetique European Aesthetics Institute or call 787-748-