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Products or Services

  • We buy all kinds of houses:
    • Mortgage Foreclosures
    • Deteriorated properties or abandoned
    • Needs repairs
    • Inheritances with or without will
    • Lack of liquidity
    • Bankruptcy and non-payment

    In BUY YOUR HOME NOW, we are here to serve you!
    For more information, you can call us at:
    You can also send us a message and we will answer your questions and questions as soon as possible.
    Remember that we are the immediate solution to solve your situation quickly!

We are a group of private investors, who buy properties, as an investment method in all PR. Our group buys properties.

Our commitment is to buy your property in 48 hours, at a fair price and by mutual agreement between both parties.

We count with a multidisciplinary team that allows the process to be facilitated. In the team we have Lawyers, Managers, Real Estate Brokers, Mediator of Conflict Resolution for cases in which an intermediary is required. A whole group fully committed to helping you solve your situation as soon as possible.

Most importantly, our clients DO NOT pay any fees or commissions for the services offered.