Centro de Baterías AC Delco

Centro de Baterías AC Delco

 "Sale and Installation of AC Delco Batteries"


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Products or Services

  • • AC Delco battery for cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles.

    • Batteries for cars, trucks, boats, motorboats, power plants, solar systems and inverters.

    • Verification of Batteries and charging systems and installation of batteries completely free.

Payment methods

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AC Delco is recognized as a world-class leader in the battery market, offering premium batteries for virtually all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, power plants, solar systems and inverters.
For more than 100 years, AC Delco has innovated and set standards in the automotive industry through its product line and the highest quality service.
Be the best suppliers of batteries in the Puerto Rico market.
Satisfying our customers by providing the best service, with reasonable prices, a comprehensive guarantee and also a completely free installation by a specialized staff.
What is ACDelco today?
A battery brand with a warranty without apportionment.
A global brand, growing in more than 100 countries including Puerto Rico.
AC Delco batteries are original equipment in cars and trucks of General Motors.